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Summer Camp


Photos from the 2017 Summer Camp!

Thank you to Meg Tansey and Sheila Botein for the photos.


And more photos from Lazlo Gyorsok!


Praise for the 2017 Summer Camp

We had a wonderful day on Sunday! We all loved the performance and the chance to have the dragon and the lady on the green together was very special. -Sheila Botein

View the program from the performance.


View the Lakeville Journal Compass article from July 27, 2017 about the camp!




Summer camp Performance


Presenting: Grumbling Gryphons Theater Camp 2016: View Interviews/ Pre-Show of "The Mixed Up Fairytale”

Part 1: A Mixed Up Fairytale: Pre-show production and Interview video

Part 2: Grumbling Gryphons Theater Camp 2016 Performance of “The Mixed Up Fairytale” excerpt video

Photos from the 2016 Summer Camp!


Praise for the 2016 Summer Camp

"Dearest Leslie, WOW! What an incredible Grumbling Gryphons camp you provided for the kids this summer. The show was absolutely brilliant (as always). The 3 Williams kids had THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES. -Sally Cook


View the program and cast of characters.


2016 Summer Camp
June 27th-July 4th

“The Mixed Up Fairytale: A Wild and Wonderful Weave of Fantasy and Fiction!”

Public Performance to take place on Monday, July 4th, 2016 11:00 a.m. at Cornwall Town Hall 24 Pine Street Cornwall, CT 06753

Full day session from 9:30am to 3:00pm ($375.00 for 8 full days)

Half day morning session from 9:30am to 12:00pm ($175 for 8 half days)

Half day afternoon session from 12:30pm to 3:00pm ($175 for 8 half days)

Special Discounts for Siblings! $50.00 per additional child.

For Further information call Leslie Elias-Director at 860-672-0286 or e-mail

Listen to Leslie Elias speak with Marshall Miles on Robin Hood Radio about this summer's camp!

Praise for the 2015 Summer Camp

"Hi Leslie, You have no idea how HAPPY and ENGAGED and MOTIVATED you made the children. They said “We better be able to come back next year!” You are so talented and had a wonderful group. You must be thrilled with all the positive feedback. It truly was PURE MAGIC. Thank you so very much for your incredible hard work & dedication & talent. You surely transformed my grand niece an nephews' lives. What a show! What a week!" -Sally Cook

Thank You so much for including Niya in the camp. What a fabulous production and a wonderful all around experience for Niya. She really loves the stage. ….You truly are an amazingly talented playwright and stage director...oh and composer!! Leslie, many many heartfelt thanks!! Can't wait for the next season!!
-Becca Conn (mother of camper)

Photos from the 2015 Summer Camp!


A Creative Arts Workshop Week combining music, dance, drama and art. Children will help create an original script and performance based on the children’s book The 13 Clocks by Cornwall author and satirist James Thurber. Children will help design and make their own costumes and scenery inspired by illustrations by Cornwall artist Marc Simont.


Summer Camp 2015


Please join us for "The 13 Clocks", an original dramatic adaptation of James Thurber's book. Performed by the 2015 Grumbling Gryphons Theater Arts Campers!

The 13 Clocks Flyer



backstage   zebra   leaning

elephant   directing   funny faces





Camp Director Review

When Leslie ran her Grumbling Gryphons Drama Camp BrodieCamp for our summer program, she continually involved her campers in as many aspects of drama as possible. She encouraged them to take multiple roles in the production they worked on throughout the week, as well as creating masks to wear during the performance. Our whole camp loved their production of "Anansi - The Trickster Spider: A West African Folktale." Leslie guided her younger campers through their roles while also allowing her older campers to take charge of the roles they were given. She created an interactive production that promoted audience involvement.

-- Chris Snyder, Camp Brodie Director


Parent Comments

The first time I saw the Grumbling Gryphons was about 20 years ago as a child. They came to my school and did a performance of Anansi the Spider. To this day I remember some of the songs. So I knew when I saw the flyer for Grumbling Gryphons summer camp, that this was something I wanted my children to be a part of. My 4 year old and I attended the 3 day session together, I cannot express how thankful I am that we did this program. Not only did my son and I bond, but we came out feeling positive and alive. Leslie is enchanting with her array of songs and puppets. She looked onto every child with a smile and a positive thought, letting them feel confident in her presence. We had so much fun with the other children and mothers, it was so sad for it to end. My daughter is attending the week long session and I am so excited, I know that she will flourish under the constant smile of Leslie. I am so grateful that my children are getting a chance to be a part of something so grand!

-- Sabrina Leifert


At Grumbling Grphypons camp, the kids have a blast. My 10 year old daughter Sarah has been participating in various Grumbling Gryphons workshops and summer theatre camp for the past four years. Everytime she performs with Leslie Elias, she tells me “Dad, this has been so much fun!” As a parent the best thing I can say is that Leslie Elias and her staff coach these kids with real professional acting, singing and dancing skills while helping each to assert themselves in a unique and creative way. She not only gets the kids to memorize their lines but gives them a rich and memorable experience. Cloaked in animal costumes as giraffes, elephants and zebras, or bees the kids are given the opportunity to step out of the ordinary routine, to become something new and different on stage. From their voices, accents, and facial/hand expressions, it is evident that the skills developed here and the quality of the end production go hand in hand.

-- Ivan Brice AIA


My grandson attended the Grumbling Gryphons theater camp last summer, coming down from the Boston area to stay with us for the week. I have never seen him quite so excited about any other activity; Leslie and her wonderful co-teachers inspire such creativity, delight and wonderful imaginative experiences in the kids, as well as the production of an amazing performance at the end of the week, which requires discipline, focus and practice. In this age of computers, video games, and too many toys that abort the imaginative play that is so essential to kids developing in a healthy way, I believe Leslie, with her talent, great warmth and truly wonderful way with kids, provides something for them that is quite special and essential. Aidan will be back, and I hope the Grumbling Gryphons will continue this offering for years so that many others may partake of it. I would recommend it to anyone without reservation.

-- Sharon Charde


Grumbling Gryphons is the winner of the 2003 Connecticut Governor’s Arts Award, the highest award one can achieve in this state. Founded in 1980, the Gryphons have been performing in schools, theaters, festivals, museums and libraries for 30 years.


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